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  • Daylily Horticulture Article by C. Darrow Chris Darrow Jul 21, 2016

    Daylily Article written by Chris Darrow for Horticulture Magazine. Now in the current issue of Horticulture.    

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  • Peak Season is fast approaching! Chris Darrow Jul 06, 2016

    With all the new early midseason cultivars blooming en masse and the smattering of blooms just beginning, there is lots of color in the field! The variation is quite surprising with spidery with a possible poly petal propensity, to ruffly pinks and varied reds.

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  • Early color at Olallie Chris Darrow Jun 23, 2016

    The early daylilies have begun to bloom! Many are our hybrids and as such have quite the color range! Olallie Vernal Cherry is amazing, with a grey overcast the day, the color remained a deep saturated red.

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Featured Flowers

This year there will not be a specific iris sale weekend. Changes in the seasons (climate change?) has made a peak iris bloom unpredictable.
Additionally we are short on a number of Iris but have small numbers of quite a number of unusual Siberians. Check our facebook page for some of the newer varieties and keep checking for notification of any Iris sales.




June is Iris time! June is Iris time!


Here Jasper digs a typical saleable piece for a customer.

Early June is a great time to visit Olallie Daylily Gardens. The Siberian Iris is in full bloom and most of our early daylilies are out too. An excellent time to transplant, people often pick up an iris or two and some daylilies for later in the season.


Super Ego
Jne is Iris time!
Jacob bags up some freshly dug iris for a customer.
An hour later these iris will be blooming away
at their new home.
JUne is Iris time!
The contrasting shades of blue and purple
in Siberian Iris blend beautifully together