No more daylily shipping for 2017

    Well the 2017 season is over. It's been a great long season! We still have 5-6 daylilies blooming. We will be updating inventory in the next 3-4 weeks. With new cultivars, and daylilies to be named. Thanks for a great season!

H. citrina thunbergii

daylilies: H. citrina thunbergii
Daylily Clumps 2015: H. citrina thunbergii
daylilies: H. citrina thunbergii
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Easily as tall as H.citrina vespertina, in fact the two look almost identical except that H citrina thunbergii blooms later than H. citr vesp. This feature extends the bloomtime of these tall types significantly. Besides the bloomtime there is not a lot of difference between the two. But if you like tall daylily species this one is a definate must have as it is just a bit different than the rest


Mid Aug