PRIZE PICOTEE SPLENDOR Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 783
Price: $0.00
Buds: 13
Flower: 5
Height: 26
Ploidy: tet
Season: ea July
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A: $17.00
B: $12.50
What is size?
Finely ruffled pale creamy petals offset by a distinct purple eyezone which extends out onto the petals as a fine purple thread picotee. A kiwi green throat completes the showy package.

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A size is roughly 1/3 larger than B size

Size A: Blooming Size of 3 fans or more.
Size B: Starter Size of 2 fans or more.

The larger size A will usually bloom the first season after planting. The starter size B is smaller, and will generally bloom in its second season.