Wild populations of H. citrina growing on cliff faces of Mount Tai, Shandong Province, China.

How cool is this?  daylilies growing where almost nothing else could!

A New Day Dawning: Hemerocallis as a Future Model Organism

This is one of the most exciting pieces of research published! The basic gist of it is that Hemerocallis (daylilies) have an incredible genetic diversity and potentially malleable genetics  that might lend itself to botanical and pharmacological benefits.

“Genetic model organisms have revolutionized science, and today, with the rapid advances in technology, there is significant potential to launch many more plant species towards model status. However, these new model organisms will have to be carefully selected. Here, we argue that Hemerocallis (daylily) satisfies multiple criteria for selection and deserves serious consideration as a subject of intensive biological investigation. Several attributes of the genus are of great biological interest.”

A new day dawning: Hemerocallis (daylily) as a future model organism

  1. M. J. Rodriguez-Enriquez1 and
  2. R. T. Grant-Downton2,*

+ Author Affiliations

H. citrina grows well in the spring and seems quite tolerant of frosts

H. flava Major, a supposed variant of H. flava is an extremely good grow with tight light green foliage. H. flava Major seems to tolerate frost very well.



H. hakuensis, suffers some tip damage in the spring do to frost but recovers and blooms fine.
H. sempervirens is only marginally hardy in this climate does not do well. It has a spreading habit much like H . fulva is no where near as vigorous.


This picture is from a 2011 Korean catalog. The plants look to Hem lilioasphedelus. There is a Campanula blooming along with the Hemerocallis which is when one expect it to bloom. This photo was taken at Image

Takamine-kohgen Plateau in the Gunma prefecture. Which appears to be in Japan?


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