April 27 (Monday)

Shipping begins (Weather Permitting) 

We begin shipping as soon as the snow melts, fields dry out and the daylilies begin growing.  

May 30 (Saturday) 
Daylily Gardens Open : Thurs-Sun 10-5

June 6-21

Iris Days

This period is when the maximum number of Iris blooms are showing. There is both a large variety of colors as well as a large show of blossoms. Many other perennials in bloom as well.

 July 3-4: Closed for Private Party (Closed Friday-Saturday) Open Sunday July 5


July 13th (Monday))
Peak Season 
Peak-season hours: Wednesday-Monday (closed Tuesdays) 10-5pm

This is The Time to come and see the field in full bloom. Thousands and thousands of blooms all blooming at once.

Peak Blueberry Season begins: Organic PYO

The Blueberries typically produce an enormous amount of berries, but sometimes because of heavy picking the crop can be in short supply while the next batch ripens

July 18-July 19
Rock River
Studio Artist Tour

This weekend is a lot of fun! There is art to see, blueberries to pick and acres of daylilies in bloom. 

 August 16th
Peak season ends
post-season hours: Thurs-Sun 10-5 pm

While the mass of blooms is less than peak, there are still thousands of blooms out. It is always amazing to see how the daylilies just keep on blooming.

 September 7th: Last day Open Gardens close : open by chance or by appointment after this point.

Early-Mid October: End of 2020 Shipping Season.