mid July     re     6.5 x 32     tet   D   ext, frag, noct

10 bud/scape     descriptions

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Early June


Tepals is the word for both the petals and sepals.

bicolor is a blossom of two different colors, petals one, sepals another.
Eyezones a wide ring around the top of the throat.
Halo fainter ring than an eyezone.
Ruffling usually occurs around the edges of the petals and sepals.
Edging or Picotee an outlined effect around the edges of the petals and/or sepals.
AHS American Hemerocallis (Daylily) Society
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Which size you choose is dependent on how willing you are to wait for bloom. We offer two size choices: Size A: mature divisions of 3 fans or more; or Size B: smaller divisions of 2 fans or more at a lower cost. Size A is larger, and will bloom the first season after planting under most circumstances. The starter size B is smaller, and will generally bloom in its second season. It may bloom sooner in some circumstances.

Size A: Blooming Size of 3 fans or more
Size B: Starter Size of 2 fans