Peak Season is always an amazing time. each year the daylilies do something different as the color mixes change depending on what's out when. All the rain has just made everything bloom with extra vigor it seems.

A Heartnut (Juglans species) frames bed 2 and bed 10 and the vista out towards the barn.


Purple leaf Kale and miscanthus grass make wonderful accents to the daylilies.


Lemon Mint (yellow) and Prairie Porcelain, make an amazing show together!


Outrageous Lavender: A mix of colors with loads of buds.


Purple basil and Spicy Globe Basil add interesting textures to the edges of the daylily beds.


I never thought I'd like Zinnias, but I'm a convert now. They are easy to grow and last for a really long time as a cut flower.

Annual Poppies are fun to grow too. Papaver somniferum comes in a variety of colors and can seed in even here in Vermont.


Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower) and Ornamental Japanese Corn make great contrast plants.


Well these are just Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli and Cabbage, but there is something eye catching about the the mass of blue green foliage.



Peak Season is here!

The field looks amazing and there are dozens of new cultivars coming out every day!


CSD Pink bed 28: We've got lots of this one, as it's a good grower.


Olallie Wendy: a great little purple from early July to early August



Yellow Hornet (spidery), From Darkness Comes Light (dark stem) Super Duper Tall (very tall)


CSD miniature bicolor Bed 31: Another newer cultivar. Soon to be added


Backstroke: A charming pony with bright yellow blooms and distinctive red buds and sepal backs!






Our second batch of daylilies, dug, tagged and washed, ready for packing and shipping.

Five Siberian Iris "Baby Sister" plants, dug and washed, ready for tagging and shipping. This is one of our favorite short Siberians, as it is very vigorous and showy!


Baby Sister, in full bloom, mid June.


Finally we're starting to see some consistent blooms. I think that from here on in there will be new daylilies opening every day!

All the work on early hybrids has really paid off, and there will be lots with pigmented scapes as well.

H. flava 'major': A nice lemon yellow bloomer.


Orange Man: Always a consistent early bloomer, frequently the first to bloom.


Some unknown miniature hybrid, popping up in our bamboo bed. These kind of flowers are always welcome surprises.




The dark scapes add to the color interest of daylilies like this one, now named Olallie Brian's Birthday.

Finally we've had some warm weather and a good steady rain.

Field is mostly clear of snow except for the edges. 

Daylilies are up and growing.