While peak season is past, there is still an amazing number of daylilies in bloom! A lot of the lates have yet to open as well! 

Bed 27, filled with Chris's newer hybrids many with new names!


Two of Chris's hybrids, one over 5 feet tall the other a floriferous pink


Kale makes a great edible border and a color foil for the daylilies.


The view is quite extensive with masses of daylilies in all colors blooming in mid July!


More of Chris's hybrids the tall one, is now almost 7 feet tall, probably in part because of the rainy weather.

The reds will just glow on a grey overcast day.


View from my office window!






Farmer's Market Brattleboro: 

This year from May-July, Olallie has a little stand at the Brattleboro Area Farmer's Market. We have lots of unusual perennial and annual seedling starts as well as some mature perennials. And of course a selection of blooming size bareroot daylilies.


First Bloom: Elizabeth

Elizabeth: developed in 1947 from H. middendorfii, the first daylily of the year! There are scapes everywhere so more flowers to follow soon.



Pigmented scapes:

This year for the first time we have a number of early blooming pigmented scape types. All are in shades of yellow and gold, but vary in size and shape and as such should be quite interesting.


The Field:

Everything is greening up nicely, even the weeds. But little by little we're knocking them back. Though cold and wet, no frost in the past few weeks has meant good growth of the daylilies and Iris, it's gonna be an awesome early bloom season!



Some stuff we're growing:

Browallia americana : An annual from So. America, new to us but love the color and it seems to be a vigorous grower and bloomer

Primula veris; Cowslip, growing here for years we've got lots of P. veris seedlings.














Here are some of the more interesting daylilies blooming here at Olallie, July 2017.


A Little Pregnant (Owen): Blooming first time this year!


Lady Dancer: This one is always popular, with it's faint red-purple edge.


Warrior's Brother: Deep saturated red, this ones hard to photograph accurately.

Happy New Year, the days are getting longer, each day bit more than the day before all the way to June 21. Theres lots of work going into the website. Updated images, added information on many of the cultivars and of course new cultivars..