We have had a brutally cold and (fortunately) snowy winter. The snow cover has insulated the daylilies well I think.

Labels poking up through the snow.

Updated inventory and more in the days to follow. I believe Spring will come.

Rouge Blush, Rajastan Sands and Fall Pink Melon still going strong October 11, 2017.


While peak season is past, there is still an amazing number of daylilies in bloom! A lot of the lates have yet to open as well! 

As the daylily season winds down we find ourselves appreciating the annuals we grew more and more. Of course it helps that we've had very nice warm nights and sunny warm days.

Bed 27, filled with Chris's newer hybrids many with new names!


Two of Chris's hybrids, one over 5 feet tall the other a floriferous pink


Kale makes a great edible border and a color foil for the daylilies.


The view is quite extensive with masses of daylilies in all colors blooming in mid July!


More of Chris's hybrids the tall one, is now almost 7 feet tall, probably in part because of the rainy weather.

The reds will just glow on a grey overcast day.


View from my office window!