While the bulk of the daylilies are starting to pass. There are plenty of daylilies still blooming and more to come!

Peak season in Mid July is always an amazing experience! There are tens of thousands of blooms out every day.

Most of the plants are labelled as well so one can easily identify cultivars. With cultivars from current breeders

such as Gossard and Owen as well as older breeders like Stout and Saxton. There are a vast selection of species and species like

and species derivatives.

With all the new early midseason cultivars blooming en masse and the smattering of blooms just beginning, there is lots of color in the field! The variation is quite surprising with spidery with a possible poly petal propensity, to ruffly pinks and varied reds.

Daylily Article written by Chris Darrow for Horticulture Magazine. Now in the current issue of Horticulture.

The early daylilies have begun to bloom! Many are our hybrids and as such have quite the color range! Olallie Vernal Cherry is amazing, with a grey overcast the day, the color remained a deep saturated red.