One of the great things about many Border Collies is they like to play and kind of have a sense of humor. 

Jack decided it would be fun if I chased him. You can see in the first picture a kind of mischievousness in his eyes.

Come play!

Can you catch me?

I'm way too fast for you!

Ok, I'll cut this way then.

Nothing like the straight on attack fake!

Tight cornering is an essential dodging technique


After all that running, nothing beats a snowbank to lick.


Daylily shoots grow very quickly when the temperatures start to warm. Because of this the shoots may be damaged by freezing temperatures.

This typically manifests itself in pale and distorted tips. This doesn't seem to faze the plants and they grow out and recover well.

The field while mostly finished, holds many surprises as well. Dozens of daylily cultivars are still blooming, though most will be done with in a week to ten days.

Kale, Chard and Broccoli plants are still growing strong on the edge of the beds as well. The leaves have started to turn so we are headed to fall.


The Monarch Butterflies were seen in good numbers through most of the season and particularly in late August. They loved the Zinnias and now can be found by the dozens on the New England Asters. Here one flutters by.

A few Annuals are still going strong, kind of.

African Daisy; the blue center is quite striking.


Double Calendula: still going strong, with buds to go. It'll be interesting how long it lasts into October.


This mix of short Marigolds is wonderful becuase of the varied coloration of the flowers. I'm going to plant more next year!

Very late Daylilies

This group stands out as the ones I have enough to sell. These are all fast growers and as they are mostly smaller, they seem to increase very quickly.


My special lates, still a mass of blooms and they will probably go into mid October unless we get a hard frost. Some of these will be available in the spring.

Front to back: The Last Melon,  Rouge Blush, Rajastan Sands, Watermelon Summer and Sandra Elizabeth.

We collected 50 daylily blooms that will continue into the end of September. Most of these were are growing on but hopefully we will have them for sale in 2020