Here are some of the more interesting daylilies blooming here at Olallie, July 2017.


A Little Pregnant (Owen): Blooming first time this year!


Lady Dancer: This one is always popular, with it's faint red-purple edge.


Warrior's Brother: Deep saturated red, this ones hard to photograph accurately.


Olallie Fran's Firecracker: Straw Yellow with a deep ruby eyezone!

A study in contrasts: Olallie Kathy's Twins (3" bloom) and Olallie Big Bold Red (8" bloom)


Down South: A giant yellow with amazing ruffles! The flowers are easily 8 inches across.


Chris's newest hybrid, an amazing deep saturated red with a thin white edging.

A tall near white, we're thinking of naming it Hyperion's Ghost, as it grows much like Hyperion in

stature and flower shape, but it's a pale yellow cream.