While peak season is past, there is still an amazing number of daylilies in bloom! A lot of the lates have yet to open as well! 

We planted a large number of annuals in the edges of the daylily beds and they are now full and showy!

The blue-green of the Kale contrasts nicely with our super tall hybrids! The tallest at over 7 feet is still blooming away!


We tried Cosmos bipinnatus for the first time and we were not disappointed. The masses of bicolor pink is quite a sight.

We also grew a white and a double but the two tone were the most stunning.

Olallie Marianne's Mauve is one great daylily. The spiky foliage really adds to the garden pizzazz. Of course with

a big stand of Cosmos sulphureus nearby it's hard to say which is more spectacular.


Olallie Norma Jeanne, one of our favorite talls for late in the season. The blooms are held way at the top of the scapes.

Making this a great back of the border plant. This is being with held for increase for 2018.


Thought the weather has cooled, it's still a little too hot for the dogs not to lay in the shade whenever possible.


Nicotiana sylvestris: This ornamental Nicotine is stunning. It looks like somer sort of crazy tropical plant.

With masses of fragrant white blooms in August.


Three of our favorite giant perennials are blooming now too. Rudbeckia subtomentosa: a hardy long lived Black Eyed Susan,

this Rudbeckia grows to about six feet tall and produces a wonderful spicy scent later in the fall. Coreopsis tripteris is a giant Coreopsis,

growing 7 feet tall, this Coreopsis with it's fine three part leaves is a dainty giant. Lastly Silphium perfoliatum AKA Cupplant, is

a massive plant with leaves that wrap around the stem and collect water, hence the name. All three are great additions to a giant's garden.


Verbena bonariensis coupled with Cosmos sulphureus is a dynamite color combination. What an eye catching mix. The airy habit of 

the Verbena enables to to intermingle with the Cosmos wonderfully.


Verbena b. close up, an amazing bundle of blooms. 

This is the first year we've grown Tithonia or Mexican Sunflower, I'm not sure who likes it more, I or the butterflies.

Masses of orange-red flowers have at times been loaded with butterflies.