As the daylily season winds down we find ourselves appreciating the annuals we grew more and more. Of course it helps that we've had very nice warm nights and sunny warm days.

Growing on the front of our barn: Morning Glory's, Firecracker Vine (Ipo. Labata) and Clematis (perennial), have reached over 12 feet in height!


Marigold Harlequin has taken it's time to bloom profusely, but it was worth the wait!


Cosmos Double Click Cranberry: These amazing flowers look like tiny Peonies. Nice saturated color and lots of blooms.

The color really carries.


Bright Lights Chard: Spectacular foliage, colorful stems and edible, what's not to like. We're going to have to harvest these soon as the deer like them too.


A serendipitous combination, Nicotiana and perennial wild Asters. The fragrance of the Nicotiana is wonderful in the evening


Tithonia: Standing over 6 feet tall, this Mexican Sunflower has bloomed for weeks and weeks

The butterflies love it and we were delighted to see a couple of Monarchs visiting it.


Verbena bonariensis: This is by far our favorite annual of the season! The wonderful airy blooms just go and go.

Butterflies love it and makes a great cut flower too.

Hemerocallis sempervirens: Of course a perennial but this is the first year this daylily has bloomed so well. Not that vigorous but 

it has wonderful branching and spreads, slowly.