Every year we plant a variety of annuals in our border between the grass walkways and the daylily beds. We can do this as we rototill the edges between the beds and grass walkways in the spring. We found it's a great way to add color to the garden and have cut flowers to boot.


African Daisy is a new one this year. They sure are bright, but they aren't a good performer so far. On the other hand Lobelia americana is now one of our favorites. This Lobelia, tolerates full sun and somewhat dry conditions and once it gets going it's just smothered in light blue blooms!


Gomphrena is a new one this year. Very nice and colorful. They can be grow for cut flowers but we have just been admiring them in the field, uncut. 


 Calendula: This is always a welcome sight in the annual beds. Low daisy-like blooms in a variety of colors. I particularly like this mix as there is some variation of shades. I believe this is Flashback Mix.

Here is an example of how annuals and daylilies can work well together. The tall daylilies in the back form a part of a tiered planting. With daylilies, then Nicotiana sylvestris and finally Zinnias. 


Annual Gloriosa Daisy; These bloomed profusely the first year, and so made a great show of mixed color black eyed susans.


Tall marigolds and Orange Cosmos are always a great combination and good growers. We haven't been using them for cutting, but they really stand up tall and can be seen from a distance.



The shorter Marigolds are useful too, in fact we realized by accident how great they work on the corner of the planted edges

They make a nice low delineator at the corners, and the color mix is just fabulous!


Lastly our apple tree which seems to bear biennially, is just loaded. The branches are actually starting to bend under the weight.

Pip our Border Collie loves it as it provides endless "balls" to carry around.