April 29 (Monday) Shipping begins 

(Weather Permitting) 

We begin shipping as soon as the snow melts, fields dry out and the daylilies begin growing.  

 May 25th (Saturday) 
Daylily Gardens Open

Open Friday-Sunday 10-5pm. 

 June 6-16: Iris Days

This period is when the maximum number of Iris blooms are showing. There is both a large variety of colors as well as a large show of blossoms. Many other  perennials in bloom as well.

  July 4-5: Closed for Private Party 

 July 10th (FRIDAY)
Peak Season Begins
Peak-season hours: Open Wednesday-Sunday (closed Mondays & Tuesdays): 10-5 pm

This is The Time to come and see the field in full bloom. Thousands and thousands of blooms all blooming at once.

Peak Blueberry Season begins: Organic PYO

The Blueberries typically produce an enormous amount of berries, but sometimes because of heavy picking the crop can be in short supply while the next batch ripens

 July 20-July 21
Rock River
Studio Artist Tour

This weekend is a lot of fun! There is art to see, blueberries to pick and acres of daylilies in bloom. 

 August 17th
Peak season ends
post-season hours

Friday-Sunday 10-5 pm

While the mass of blooms is less than peak, there are still thousands of blooms out. It is always amazing to see how the daylilies just keep on blooming. 

 September 2nd: Last day Open Gardens close 

open by chance or by appointment after this point.


 Early-Mid October: End of 2024 Shipping Season.

Questions about Buying Daylilies from Olallie Daylily Gardens


We Ship Weekly!

Orders received by 12:00 (noon) on Friday will be shipped the next Monday


Choose a week that works best for you, we'll do our best to get it out when you want.If you are ordering using our Online Store please send us a separate email if you would like to request a specific ship date otherwise we will ship your plants as soon as possible. We ship plants end of April through mid October, depending on the weather. Plants are freshly dug, labelled, trimmed, rinsed, and packaged carefully in craft paper to keep them cool. If you order for May delivery, it is usually unnecessary for us to cut back the plants.

How are your Daylilies packed and shipped ?

Orders are dug and prepared and shipped on the same day.First plants are dug and labeled. Next all the plants are washed and cleaned. We wash them to remove most of the dirt and any stray weeds. Finally while the plants are still damp we wrap them in brown paper and then box them. We believe this is the best way to handle daylilies as it keeps them moist but not overly wet. Daylilies are more tolerant of drying out than of being too wet, which may cause they leaves to rot.

A 10 plant landscape mix ready for packing and shipping

Two "A" sized daylilies washed and tagged and ready for packing and shipping


What's the difference between an A and B size of the daylilies you sell?

The "A" size is larger usually a 3-4 fan piece whereas a "B" size is a 2 fan piece. Generally we would expect an "A" size piece to be a blooming size piece that will bloom the first year A "B" size piece is more of a growing on size that will bloom the next year.

This "A" sized piece has 3 distinct fans. You can also see the white band that denotes the proper planting zone for the plant


This "B" sized plant is made up of 2 fans. Note how on both plants the roots are spread out ready for planting


What do I do with my plants when they arrive?

If you have just received them, unpack them and air them out immediately. If they appear at all dry, soak them in a bucket of water, deep enough to just cover the roots. Do not leave them soaking for more than a few weeks , they may rot.


What do I do if I can't get my bare root plants in the ground right away?

It is possible to store them out of the ground for up to two weeks, but bloom for that season may be lost. For short-term storage leave plants in the box in a cool shady place. For somewhat longer periods place the plants in a bucket, roots down, spray with water and leave just a couple of inches of water in the bottom of the bucket, again keep in a shady cool place. For longer storage daylilies can be potted up in soil or peat moss and grown on this way.

Can I temporarily plant daylilies and then move them?

Yes, daylilies can be moved at any time during the growing season. Consider planting them at the edge of your vegetable garden for a season or two. The extra fertilizer and water you might give them may help them quickly attain a larger clump size.


How many plants do I need?

Many garden designers suggest planting in odd numbers (3, 5, 7) this creates a more natural and less formal appearance. However daylilies will in time grow quite large and so can stand alone quite well as each can grow into a true centerpiece. Measure your garden square footage. For most plantings, space daylilies about two feet apart from center (4 square feet for each plant). Those who want a fuller appearance sooner, can plant up to a foot and a half apart (3 square feet per plant). Plant in straight lines for a formal design, zigzags for a more naturalized look.



Just Out of the Ground
Out of the Ground Out of the Ground
This A sized piece has 4 fans and a large healthy root system. These plants were just dug and are ready to be cut back and washed. This B sized piece is a little smaller than the A size but it will increase quickly and produce excellent bloom by next year (many B sized piece will bloom the first year).
Out of the Ground Out of the Ground
This A sized piece has 3 fans. These plants were just dug and washed. This B sized piece has two fans and has been washed and tagged for shipping.


Dividing Daylilies

The easiest way we've found is to dig up the clump, shake off a the soil, lay the clump on its side and gently pry off pieces using a weeding fork as illustrated below:


dividing daylilies

1. lay clump on its side, begin loosening roots
dividing daylilies

2. use your thumbs to gently pull sections apart

dividing daylilies

3. pull the sections apart
dividing daylilies

4. use trimming shears to cut off foliage about 6" above the crown

dividing daylilies

5. divisions are ready to be planted
dividing daylilies

6. Once hole is prepared, set plant at crown depth and press soil around firmly.

We Welcome Visitors

Peak season for the daylilies is a sight to behold. Grass walkways criss-cross the main field of daylily beds. It looks like a sea of blooms! We are located in a beautiful rural river valley in southern Vermont. There is plenty to see and do here in Windham County.


From Brattleboro, Vermont, take Route 30 north 8.5 miles.
Then left on Williamsville Road, left at end, thru bridge,
Left at South Newfane General Store, 1/2 mile on left.


Olallie Daylily Gardens is located at 129 Augur Hole Road in South Newfane. For more information and directions call (802) 348-6614 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We open late May-early June :Thurs-Sun 10-5. Beginning in mid July (for peak season) we will be open 7 days a week (10-5).

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