Daylily shoots in the Spring

Daylily shoots appear quite early in the spring, consequently they sometimes get damaged by frost on the tips or

portions of the emerging leaves.

These shoots look undamaged by frost. One reason may be the retention of the foliage, as it adds a bit

of insulation around the leaves.


Hemerocallis fulva (The Orange Roadside Daylily) is usually quite frost tolerant and as such the shoots come up fast and vigorously

They are easily identified by the loose non-clump forming stand they produce.


Here is a close up example of frost damage to Buttered Popcorn. The tips are shriveled and 



While not as badly damaged the peculiar distortion of the tips is evidence of frost damage.


Rest assured though that all these daylilies will grow on to produce a magnificent show in

mid Summer. It's just the price they pay for being so quick to sprout in the spring.