We've had a few early surprises, but mostly just lots of scapes! Real bloom will begin in about 7-10 days I expect.

The first three flowers, are apparently the result of rebloom scapes that never got a chance to bloom last year and just popped up early this year. Without a good long growing season to allow the scapes to develop they ended up being just 6 inches tall.


Saratoga Springtime


H. yezonensis

H. middendorfii 'Japan Hybrid' red bract



Various scapes popping up in my "UP early" bed.


While just a small trumpet yellow, this daylily is blooming before anything else. No of the Iris have even begun to bloom.

One of my all time favorites: H. fulva 'Kwanso" variegata. The foliage is just so stunning, and the variation in the variegation really adds to the interesting aspect of this plant. I have my tucked into the corner of my barn and a small flower bed, where it can easily be contained!