This mix of annuals is currently adorning my little seating nook by the entrance to my barn. From left to right:

Begonia boliviensis, Plectranthus, Fuchsia, Comellina and Scented Geraniums.

All of these plants were overwintered in my basement. The advantage of this approach is the plants start out large and in the case of the Fuchsia ready to bloom as it fulfills the dormancy needed to bloom well.

Begonia boliviensis: Bonfire. I just love this plant. Good long blooms and wonderful pigmented leaves. These do grow as a tuber that will go dormant in the winter, but with a little encouragement the will continue to grow and bloom (a little) through the winter. I've even grown them from seed I collected, though the seed is like dust and plants are so slow to mature.

Plectranthus: I'm not sure of which variety this is but with a little help from google one should be able to figure it out. 

I like this Plectranthus as it is one of the largest and the margins turn a golden yellow.

Fuchsia: This is a great showpiece plant as each bloom is a work of art! No blooms to show in the photo,

but they are spectacular!

Fuchsia #1

Fuchsia #1


Fuchsia #3


This variegated scented geranium is one of my favorites. Each leaf has a different degree and pattern of 

variegation on the leaves.



And last but not least is Pequin pepper. While one doesn't think of peppers as perennials they are! This plant is over 3 years old. 

It has survived inside in my bedroom fine for the winter, and is now blooming and setting fruit like crazy! The form of the plant is beautiful too.


Lots of baby Pequin plants have appeared in the soil below the momma plant!