Peak season is past, but you'd hardly know it from the amount of blooms in the field! All the rain have produced 

scads of extra blooms. We are also seeing rebloom on daylilies that we don't usualy see rebloom on.


Bright gold Gwyneth is always a great bloomer this time of year into September. A super high bud count of 21

doesn't hurt. 


Ovation. Wow and wow! this daylily is just an eye magnet. The color is like a beacon in the garden. the fact that

Ovation seems to produce multiple blooms at once may also have something to do with it. 


Satin Glass type. This daylily came from my grandfather. Smooth satiny creamy melon. The color is wonderfully cool 

for August.


While the blooms are scattered, you can see the variety of daylily cultivars blooming. Creams, Oranges,Golds and pinks are all present.


Black Cherry, a later deeply saturated purple red with loads of late season blooms.


Two of our favorite tall annuals. Nicotiana sylvestris (white, front) and Tithonia

in the back. The light green foliage and the white nodding blooms are contrasted by

the deep green lobed\leaves and orange flowers of the Tithonia.