A whole season of growing and waiting means that now finally these monster perennials have reached full height and are producing spectacular blooms.

These perennials tower from 5-6 feet for Rudbeckia subtomentosa to up to 7 feet for Silphium (Cupplant) and Coreopsis tripteris.


Silphium perfoliatum produces masses of yellow daisy-like blooms. Bees rely on these for late season food.


Bumblebee on Silphium.


Coreopsis tripteris: This 7 foot giant has such wonderful textural foliage. The contrast of the foliage and the sky is beautiful.

Rudbeckia subtomentosa. This perennial Black Eyed Susan grows to almost six feet. Very hardy and long lived,

you can count on it for years of bloom. As a bonus the plants emit a wonderful spicy fragrance from the leaves later in the season.