Here it is late March and the fields are amazingly clear of snow! The ground is still damp with a patch of ice and snow back in the shadows but spring is coming fast!

We're excited for another season of blooms! The daylily beds will still need to be cleaned up, labels straightened and all that good stuff. No frogs or peepers yet.


Olallie Field
The main daylily beds March 25, 2016


By the house where it's warmer the daylilies are up 3-4" already. A White Crocus blooms nearby. This micro-climate will result in daylily blooms weeks before the same ones growing in the field.


H. flava 'Major"                                                                          H. dumortieri














Out in the field the daylilies are barely appearing. If last years foliage is cleared away, shoots can be found popping up. These two species are early bloomers and as such are beginning their bloom cycle.