With all the new early midseason cultivars blooming en masse and the smattering of blooms just beginning, there is lots of color in the field! The variation is quite surprising with spidery with a possible poly petal propensity, to ruffly pinks and varied reds.

Here a wonderful combination of earlies blooms their heads off! A tiny yellow only 2" across, several reds from pony to

miniature and a couple of striking eyezones round out the bunch.


Most if not all of the reds that bloom in the early mid range developed here have good branching and high

bud counts


Creamy pink pony nice bud count out of Little Rosy Cloud, I believe.


Olallie Anna: early mid bloom maybe even early with the right conditions. Beautiful form,

cute stubby buds and a good bud count!


More creamy ruffles on a pony sized bloom!




These blooms were all picked on one day June 25, 2016. There are now twice the number of

varieties in bloom July 5 and hundreds of new blooms daily!