Peak season in Mid July is always an amazing experience! There are tens of thousands of blooms out every day.

Most of the plants are labelled as well so one can easily identify cultivars. With cultivars from current breeders

such as Gossard and Owen as well as older breeders like Stout and Saxton. There are a vast selection of species and species like

and species derivatives.


Market umbrellas and table offer a welcome respite from the summer heat. While all around you are daylily colors.

The evening is our favorite time to walk the beds. The colors are rich and the temperatures cool.

Each bed is typically a mix of bloom types, colors and patterns. Leprechaun Eyes (yellow and red) and Little Italy (pink and red) are two great eyed cultivars

Purple leaf Kale makes a nice edible backdrop. Miniatures, small spider types, tall species types and big purple cultivars all coexist nicely.


Some of our beds are filled with "weeds" of course our weeds are ornamental Mulliens (Verbascum chiaxii),

Campanulas (C trachelium), Black Eyed Susans, Filapendulas and more. It looks like the worlds largest

English Border garden. The daylilies really coexist with the other perennials quite well.


With Apple trees and Stone benches there plenty of places to sit and enjoy the farm vistas.

Annuals such as Zinnias and Cosmos sulphureus contrast beautifully with the species H. citrina vespertina.