Cosmos sulphureus: The orange Cosmos is described as a half hardy annual. Native to Mexico and parts  of the South West it apparently thrives in hot dry locations and poor soils.

The ability to thrive and grow was certainly evidenced this year here at Olallie Farm, the Cosmos performed and are still performing magnificently! Hundreds if not thousands of blooms adorn the 3-4 foot high bushy plants. Wonderfully open and airy in habit, the Orange Cosmos appeal a much for it's growth habit as well as it's multiple blooms (in my opinion).

The Cosmos really starting to take off, July 17, 2016. notice the bed sign.


Here at the end of July Cosmos, Hem. Lilting Lady and Oscar make a sensational combination in late July.


Enormous drifts of Orange 3-4 feet tall create a prominade of sorts. On the left masses of tall H. citrina vespertina just reach over the Cosmos!


 It's amazing to think that from such humble beginnings in June and the incredible heat and drought we had could result in such tall

plants. It's no doubt that these plants thrive in adverse conditions.

Next year we will be planting more borders of this amazing annual and more! Our goal is to make a flower maze of sorts to surround the beds of daylilies.

Stay tuned!