Well we've had some frosts, the Pumpkin and Squash plants are done. But amazingly there are plenty of daylilies still blooming.

These will keep going into October, though cold nights will slow opening of the flowers. Once we get there hard killing frost,

that will pretty much finish the last of the daylilies.





Mexican Sun: This daylily has been overlooked here on the farm for years. Suddenly this year it's come into it's own. Blooming

heavily at the end of September, it will easily bloom till mid October!


Gold Sights: this daylily is nothing short of amazing! It began blooming in mid August and yet there are

a few blooms still going! Gold Sights is also an amazingly fast grower, reaching clump size in just a couple of years.


Butterscotch Harvest: Last year this daylily was still blooming after the leaves had fallen!



Butterscotch Ring:Bright Gold blooms really stand out in the field and with many small buds yet to develop

it's always a toss up if butterscotch Ring or Butterscotch Harvest will be the last to bloom!

Fall Pink Melon: true to it's name Fall Pink Melon blooms long into the fall. I nice light pink, with buds galore

Angles of White: While more of a light melon, Angles of White is quite pale and on September 28th, still going strong with buds still yet to open!


Rouge Blush: One of the deeper pink late bloomers, as fast increaser too. This daylily is always in high demand and as such

there is always limited amount available as I can never grow enough.

Shine On: Pink and melons hues abound on this little daylily.