We offer two different "size" pieces for most of our daylilies. Size really is a reflection of maturity. The larger "A" size being more mature blooms sooner (typically the first season). Whereas a "B" is a smaller piece which may take until next season to bloom. daylily cultivars vary in their speed of increase and as such some may mature faster than other cultivars.

    Larger "A"                                                       


                                                                                                                     Smaller "A"


Keep in mind too that daylilies vary greatly in the size of the plant too. An "A" size of a miniature may look miniscule in comparison to a large tetraploid like Olallie Rose.

  Larger "A" size plants consist of 3-4 fans, typically this is what is needed to produce a good amount of blooms. An "A" size piece will continue to increase in size and additionally produce more blooms with a longer bloom season over time.

 "A" Sized Piece 

First "A" piece is washed and 3 fans are visible    

   Second "A" piece has been just dug and 4 fans are visible

 Smaller "B" sized plants are smaller  and less likely to bloom the first year. Some bloom can occur but if there is any it will be much fewer and with a shorter bloom time than older established plants. "B" plants will of course and will usually in one season become "A" or larger depending on the cultivar and growing conditions.

"B" sized Piece

 The first "B" sized piece has just been washed with 2 fans visible

         The second "B" sized piece, just dug also with 2 fans

This B sized piece is a little smaller than the A size but it will increase quickly and produce excellent bloom by next year (many B sized piece will bloom the first year).