The whole process of preparing daylilies from growing to shipping is a small family hands on process. Each plant is carefully dug, tagged, washed, cut and packed by hand. 


Growing Daylilies 

David divides clumps of daylilies, preparing them for rowing out. The daylilies we grow are planted in freshly tilled heavy-composted soil.

Digging Orders

 Digging Orders

Jasper selects a daylily from several rows of miniature cultivars.

Digging Orders

After selecting a plant suitable for digging, Jasper carefully digs and divides a saleable size piece on the spot.

Digging Orders

Our daylily tags are simple but they are easy to read and wont rot or washoff before they get to their destination.

  Just Out of the Ground 

This A sized piece has 4 fans and a large healthy root system. These plants were just dug and  washed

This B sized piece is a little smaller than the A size but it will increase quickly and produce excellent bloom by next year (many B sized piece will bloom the first year).

  Finishing Touches

Next the daylilies are cut back. This may seem detrimental but we always cut our daylilies back when we transplant them and it makes shipping easier and cheaper (for everyone).


Finally the daylilies are individually washed. By removing most of the soil we further reduce the weight and ensure a clean healthy plant. The washing also helps to thoroughly moisten the plants before shipping.

 Packing The Order 

Lastly the plants go into their shipping box. The daylilies are carefully placed between layers of paper. This helps keep them moist but also allows for some air movement reducing molding.

We always are sure to get plants dug, labeled, washed and packed quickly. Plants are generally out of the ground for only part of a day before being packed for shipping. Plants are shipped out the afternoon of the same day they are dug.