Select a daylily and name it after a friend or loved one.
Olallie Abigail's Jewel

Naming a daylily is a great Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary present. We have had our daylilies named after grandchildren, dogs, friends, moms and more!

Each daylily is unique with no other like it in the world. All our daylilies that are available to be named are listed on the Name A Daylily page.

The daylilies were developed by Chris Darrow at the Olallie Daylily Gardens in Vermont.

The cost to name a daylily is $100.
This is for registration, a $100 charge which includes a registration certificate. In addition you need to purchase at least one of your named daylilies.

Typically there is a limited number of plants available for sale. This is because these plants are relatively new and have not had time to increase or be propagated. Because we have a limited supply, we restrict the availability to the general public to ensure some stock for you (as the namee).

All dayliles will be given the prefix Olallie to signify they came from the Olallie Farm in Vermont.

The named daylilies are registered with the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS). This naming is permanent and recorded, and will appear in their daylily registry. This process can take a few weeks.

Keep in mind that there are restrictions for naming. A name can be no longer than 30 characters (including Olallie). This leaves 23 characters, spaces are not counted. The naming convention rules are relatively complicated (as designated by the AHS). In order to keep things simple we only allow letters, numbers and spaces.

Additionally a name can only be used once. So for instance because there is an Olallie Christopher that name cannot be used again.

All our daylilies that are available to be named are listed on the Name A Daylily page.