One of the great things about the end of August is the daylilies that are blooming are real stand outs in the garden, and there are oodles of annuals now fully mature and blooming. We will expect a good bloom show from now into October!


Here Zinnias and Purple Kale showcase various Miscanthus grass and a bunch of late blooming daylilies!


The old fashioned cultivar Boutonniere, which was developed by Dr Stout in the 1930's is a wonderful little orange that blooms quite late.


A newer cultivar: Lord Of Autumn, we hope to have a few pieces to sell next year


A late citrina hybrid, with an interesting bloom, hopefully we'll havce this moved out into the selling beds next year too. 


Close up of a red Zinnia


Two toned Zinnia


White Zinnia


Honeybee on a Zinnia


One of the newer Nicotiana species we're trialing. We love how it goes from white to pink as the blooms go by.