We are now open for the season! Thursday through Sunday 10-5 pm.

The fields look great and the Siberian Iris have started to bloom with new colors and cultivars opening every day!

To help all those Daylily and Iris gardeners out there, here is a pictorial guide to 25 of the most common weeds we find here at Olallie Daylily Gardens.

Identifying Weeds in the Garden

We're well under way shipping and even the rain won't stop us! Ariel washes the daylilies individually to ensure each plant is clean and dirt free in preparation for packing

The field is in great shape and we've begun propagating lots of the more special varieties of daylilies.


Carson, Tim and Sam work on dividing, adding compost and rowing out the many very tall cultivars developed here at Olallie Daylily Gardens

The field is finally free of snow once more. The cold snap damaged some daylily shoots but the majority are fine. And in fact even the damaged shoots will grow out and recover.